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The bespoke ceramic name plates hand-painted by Shibani are truly one-of-a-kind pieces that you can cherish all your life and pass down through generations!


Handpainted . Fired . Framed

The process starts with the painting of ceramic tiles. Every detail is hand-painted with great love, after which the tiles are fired in a kiln. This makes the colours permanent and safe from fading or any damage. Finally, the tiles are framed in solid teakwood, completing your custom piece of art.

Product Details

The nameplates come in four sizes and are priced by size.

*Revised prices applicable from 15th Jan '21.

Choose from a wide range of beautiful designs from the catalog

and I'll work with you to put together the perfect, welcoming nameplate for your home.


And yes, I ship all over India!

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Ketaki Latkar

Ketaki Latkar, Writer

I got married in March this year and shifted to the US. I had requested Shibani to create a nameplate, which was my wedding gift to my husband. I wanted the design to remind me of home, and so Shibani and I agreed on a colourful design replete with marigolds. The nameplate looks fab, and I couldn't have selected a better gift, and a more accomplished artist!

Urmi Sengupta

Urmi Sengupta, Research Analyst

I requested Shibani to make 2 of her hand painted nameplates - one for a friend’s wedding and one for my parents’ 30th anniversary. I had been following her work since she started and always marveled at how unique the nameplates looked. What I didn’t know though, is that she pays very close attention to what we want as a buyer - and no nameplate is the same, much like no home is the same!

Udrula Malpani

Udrula & Amit Malpani, Interior Designers

It requires readiness to try out new ideas while creating something for an interior design project. Shibani did that beautifully for one of our client's requirement! She was patient and all ears to the theme and the client's preferences while designing the nameplate. We just had to explain what we wanted, and she did a perfect job of reflecting the interior style at the entrance!